1. Arrivals and departures.
  • New arrivals can check into their rooms from 14:00 pm. Departing guests must check out by 12:00 am, if nothing else is agreed upon with our staff at the reception desk.
  1. Payment terms, check-in, check-out.
  • Our guests are obliged to provide the Hostel reception manager with necessary documents for their identification (passport or drivind license) upon check in and pay for the whole period of stay.
  • If you are staying for less than 24 hours you still have to pay for the full day.
  • If you checked in but for some reason you did not come to stay in the Hostel, payment is not refunded.
  • “Early arrival” – check-in from 5:00 am till 11:00 am, “Late departure”– check-out after 14:00 pm.
    An extra charge of 50% per one night’s tariff should be paid in such cases.
  • If you book a room and come one night later, you must pay full tariff for no cancellation.
  • Prices in our Hostel are indicated on our website www.10coins-hostel.eu  in national Bulgarian currency (BGN) per night and per bed.
  • You can pay for your stay in cash only.
  1. Our guests are not allowed to:
  • Smoke, consume strong alcoholic drinks (spirits), use drugs or other psychotropic substances.
  • behave arrogantly, make lots of noise, talk loud (especially at night), shout, speak obscenely, insult others.
  • Leave your personal belongings and towels in the common areas (kitchen, shower, toilet), bags and backpacks in the hallway, as well as valuables and documents in the room during your absence.
  • Bring visitors in at night (after 10:00 pm).
  • Pass Hostel keys to strangers and other people.
  • Possess weapons, narcotic and psychotropic substances.
  • Move the furniture in the room without a reception manager’s prior permission.
  • Keep animals and birds.
  • Disturb other guests in the Hostel.
  1. Our guests are obliged to:
  • Obey the rules established by the Hostel management.
  • Observe cleanliness. There is self-catering in our Hostel, so if you use a kitchen, then please wash the dishes and clean the table. The same goes for showers and toilets. Treat people who will use them after you with respect.
  • Follow the fire safety regulations.
  • While leaving the room – check if the water, lights and all electrical appliances are switched off.
  • Recover the damages made to the Hostel property in accordance with applicable law.
  • Leave the rooms keys at the reception manager before leaving the Hostel. If you lose the keys, a fee of 20 leva will be charged.
  1. We reserve the rights to refuse for accommodation to people who:
  • Do not have a document proving their identity.
  • Are less than 18 years of age without parential permission or are not accompanied by an adult.
  • Are drunk or have an inappropriate look or behavior.
  • Interfere with safe stay of other guests in the Hostel.
  • Do not agree with the rules of our Hostel.

6.Services free of charge:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Ironing facilities and all hostel equipment.
  • Tea, coffee, sugar in the kitchen (self-catering).
  • Bedding including towels.
  • Ordering a taxi.
  • Secure bicycle parking.
  1. Services with extra charge:
  • Use of the washing machine – 6 leva.
  • Sending letters or postcards home – 5 leva.
  • Umbrellas or raincoats for hire.
  • Individual and group tours, interpreters.
  • Buying souvenirs.
  1. General rules:
  • Cleaning in the Hostel areas takes place daily from 12:00 am till 14:00 pm.
  • Linen is changed every seven days per guest.
  • Room cleaning is provided on demand.
  • For damage property a guest will be subjected to appropriate fine, established by the Hostel management.
  • If something is out of order do not attempt to repair it yourself, please inform the reception manager!

Violation of the rules gives the Hostel management the right to evict violations at any time without refund for the current and following day.